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Exclusive End To End Product Designed
For Manufacturing Industry


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Exclusive End To End Product Designed For Manufacturing Industry

If you are in a small, medium size manufacturing company or doing a business of any size, IIZASOFT will be much more helpful than u imagine.We provide high value software solutions to small and medium scale businesses like

     Retail Industry
     Educational institutions
     Healthcare Industry

GOT 360

It is easy to operate. No need for any special skills. You can get any kind of datas by a click of a button. It equips you with all information you need to take for a quick decision making regarding the management of any section of your office or factory so as to get maximum benefit resulting in more gains in your dealings.You can generate any number of reports or statements as on date or for a particular period of time chosen by you.

GOT 360

     Arithmetic Rechecking

First, let us go through what IIZASOFT can do for u. It is a total, comprehensive solution for efficient running of your company or the business. It is software that handles all your day today functions in maintaining records. It reduces your manual work and saves time apart from error free operations and also reduces your arithmetical rechecking of totaling etc. You can create documents required for governmental use such as income tax, legal, banks..etc, apart from your own business needs. It enables you to manage 3Ms profitably-ie , Man, Material, Money which are to be wisely utilized to maximize production and profits.

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