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Benefits of GOT CRM

Benefits of GOT CRM

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Single Click
Got's design syetem (GDS) in our brand new UX product design framework. You can access the communication tools and connect your clients in a finger touch.
Maximum level of lead conversion enhances the successful business growth and gives the profit to your business.
Manage the multiple leads in multiple industries in one login. Leads are grouped, labelled according to their industries and handled by a single user login itself.
Quick Proposal
Structured templates made the proposal simple and effective having a large number of clients by providing internal and vendor proposals.


Trending Communication

ic_phone      Connecting Customers

Effective phone callcommunication with customers in your fingertips. Get the transmission of calls. Call history, call reminder within got crm.

desktop-notification      Desktop Notification

Instant alert converts get into crm enquiry as a project. Visit of a client blow as a notification and made a continuous relationship.

Inbox-icon      Inbox Your Own

Drafted templates guide the complex into simple process. Access your inbox mails and check the progress of mail from your client.

whatsapp-icon      Whatsapp

Uniquely got crm notify your valuable WhatsApp from your crm account. Destination is not a matter to connect you with your crm.

bell-icon      Set Reminders

Perfect signal show a forward view for your business. Adding reminder and status clear the sketch guides the sales team.


Every sales start from lead. Increasing leads, massive upload by drag and drop, grouping, labelling and migration of leads in a single eye screen perfectly.

Live Leads
Capture the lead from your website ,reflects and make alerts sales team to close the deal with most important consideration.

Lead Cluster
Grouping the leads identity what you need. The active groups stands in front of the sales team for further follow-up selling activity.

Lead Labelling
Geographical identification or labelling the leads promote area wise sales growth also initiates the concentering areas to promote sales.

Live Migration
Organizations sales team, marketing team, project team can share the lead and convert the lead in to project.

Lead Page

Treasure Filing Reports

Reports are informational spectrum for tracking, evaluate and fine tuning the strategy

Revenue & Profit Matrix

Got crm enhance the valuable sales profit represents charts, tables, graph clears the growth of sale with customer intimacy


Report Grouping

Grouped reports with various aspects i.e geographical, Revenue, sales growth, presented in a fraction of seconds with automated workflow.


Growth Catalyst

High tech analytic reports act as a catalyst for your sales growth. Segregation of reports gathered from various workflow follow-ups delivering a consistency.

Vendor Management

Uniquely got crm connects your vendor and get the timelyquote. Mutual understanding and benefitable relationship in a single click can get better price and quality.


Distributing the quote preparation using multiple vendor and select a right and profitable third party.

On Time Quote

Expecting vendor quote by on time schedule alerts and notifications by automated work structures.

Mutual Growth

Preparing own and vendor quote encourage both beneficial in their growth will increase your lead scoring and management.

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