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GOT CRM Social Media Integration

Customer Relationship Management has growing significance in today’s market for every business and in every vertical of the industry. To ensure efficient creation, development, and flow of leads, it is a good pratice to have well-defined timelines for the team members involved in Marketing, Presales, and Sales teams.

However, to create and follow these is the most difficult challenge for many organizations. A demand for social and digital integration of the CRM is becoming the need of the hour.

Every team member involved in a Presales or Sales effort agree to a schedule, that certain actions will be performed, within a well-defined timeframe. Organizations who implemented proper scheduling and followed strict timelines noticed improvement in operational efficiency and increased collaboration. These are efficiently managed by the Social Medial integration, where all parties can be notified with the status, progress, and phase of a led in the pipeline.

It is becoming extremely important to have collaboration between presales, sales, and marketing departments and is becoming are extremely important. This collaboration is made easy and flexible by Social media integration, to benefit from both technology and digital and social platforms.


Many a times, marketing and sales teams blame each other when some failure occurs or when a lead is lost. Sales blame Marketing for not having more qualified leads while marketing blames sales that the leads they provided were not followed up well. Having a transparent collaborative schedules will hold both sides accountable.

Got CRM helps in better alignment between sales and marketing teams encouraging an optimized process that accelerates the company revenue cycle, by their WhatApp integration, which is the first of its kind. The stakeholders are notified and reminders are sent to make calls, do a followup, follow up on the Quotation, or for generating the PO.

Though Social Media Integration is applicable to almost all business areas, when it comes to Presales and Sales, there are a few key processes that it must cover on lead and opportunity management.


Social media platforms are meticulously used in assigning the right resources to a lead, efficient handling of the data, classification of the lead in a well-defined process, thereby achieving in client satisfaction.

“If You make customer unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.”

Customers are well taken care of by Got CRM with their timely response, quick interaction, immediate query clarification, progress update, and real time data transfer to the customers, only by their novel concept of integrating WhatsApp into Got CRM.


Disposition of leads is to qualify or disqualify a prospect or send them back for nurturing. One example of a popular element in this process is that new leads must be dispositioned in a certain way (for example, a status change must take place in the CRM) within a specific number of hours or days from when the sales representative first received the lead. This ensures prompt follow-up on leads. This can be easily marked and notified to the respective agents and empower them to perform the tasks effectively.


Got CRM provides the feature to assign a task to a specific Agent with well-defined date and time. Since the sytem is integrated to WhatsApp, several notifcations are sent to the agent, so that he can never miss the timelines. The tasks also appear in the teams personal dashboard everytime they log into the CRM application.


Integration of WhatsApp into Got CRM has been a path breaking initiative in the industry. The team has to be trained and encouraged to follow the status, progess and the timelines to open and close a lead. Got CRM educates, assists, and helps the sales teams to ensure that all team members understand the processes in utilizing the Social Media platform to bring in instantaneous and personalized interactions with the customers, which leads into early closure of a lead, and to convert potential leads into customers.

Got CRM has the provision to set reminders to the open tasks through email notifications and WhatsApp messages to remind the agents on actions to be taken to meet the deadlines.

This also helps the managers to monitor time and effort compliance with reports and dashboards to identify teams or individuals falling short of compliance. Got CRM also provides incentives to teams and individuals who adhere to these processes and never miss a deadline.

It is really important to evaluate and refine the progress at regular intervals, based on data. Got CRM understands the importance of meeting timelines, which not only builds a collaborative Sales team but also ensures a positive impact on revenue stream. Since WhatsApp is an application most people use, integrating WhatsApp into the Got CRM is the key differentator of Got Software.

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